Club Competitions

Royal Forest of Dean Bowling Club – Club Competition Rules

  1. Entry to club competitions is only open to members of the RFOD Bowling Club.
  2. Members should not enter any competition knowing that their holiday, or other arrangements may jeopardise their ability to participate in any of the rounds by the due date, in particular finals weekend.
  3. All competitions operate under the jurisdiction of the Competitions Secretary whose decision is final. Any unresolved problems should be put in writing to the Competitions Secretary who may seek guidance from the Club Committee.
  4. All games must be played by the due date unless the Competitions Secretary has, in exceptional circumstances, agreed an extension. Members are urged to play matches as early as possible during each round in case adverse weather or other unforeseen circumstances prevent play later.
  5. If a player succeeds to a point where they know they cannot play their next match (holidays, illness, etc) they must concede their last match, even though they won it, to their opponent(s) who can then advance. If players have what they consider to be exceptional circumstances they must seek a ruling from the Competitions Secretary whose decision will be final.
  6. The entry fee for each competition is £2.00.
  7. If there are insufficient entries to a competition, that competition will not run.
  8. It is the responsibility of the challenger(s) i.e. the first named, to contact their opponent(s), arrange a suitable date/time, book the rink and, in the case of singles competitions, arrange a marker.
  9. Scoreboards/scorecard – Scoreboards should always be used and a scorecard indicating the competition being played must be kept for all matches. For singles games the marker will keep the scorecard; for all other matches the Skips of each team will mark separate scorecards, conferring with the other at regular intervals during the match to verify accuracy.
  10. Trial ends – all matches will commence after two trial ends of two woods by each player; the toss of a coin will decide who will start.
  11. Abandoned matches – where a game has commenced and has to be abandoned due to adverse weather, poor light, etc., the teams shall: i. decide to replay the whole game at the earliest convenient date, or ii. agree that the result will stand provided: in a singles game, at least one player has twelve shots or more, and in other games at least eleven ends should have been played.
  12. Dead ends – where a jack is pushed off either side of the rink, the end shall not be counted or added to the scorecard, but will be replayed from the same direction.
  13. Tied ends – where it cannot be decided which bowl is shot, i.e. the bowls are identical distances away from the jack, the end is counted and added to the scorecard but no score is added for either side.
  14. Dress – for all competitions for players will be greys, with white tops (or club shirts). Finals will be played in whites. Markers are encouraged to dress in a similar fashion.
  15. Substitutes – no substitutes are allowed. If one player in a team becomes unavailable, that team will forfeit the match.

Agreed 13/03/2019